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I am the books I read, the stories I heard and the life I lived.

13th June 2018 (42)

The Mystery of Consciousness–John Searle

After a long period, I have finally finished this book. Some parts are very interesting, and really made me think about consciousness from both scientific and philosophical perspectives. I cannot say I fully understand what the book is trying to say, this is probably also because there has been so many breaks whilst reading this book. I will probably come back to this book again, once I have read some others.

17th August 2017 (41)

Introduction to Zen Buddhism–D. T. Suzuki 

14th July 2017 (40)

The Tao of Pooh–Benjamin Hoff

19th June 2017 (39)

Wild Swans–Jung Chang

17th May 2017 (38)

The Three Musketeers–Alexandre Dumas

14th Apr 2017 (37)

Far from the Madding Crowd–Thomas Hardy

15th Mar 2017 (36)

  • Outliers: The Story of Success–Malcolm Gladwell

Interesting book, stories from football teams to rice paddies. Perhaps, success is a mixture of hard work and being at the right place at the right time.

26th Feb 2017 (35)

  • Never Too Late To Be Great: The Power of Thinking Long–Tom Butler-Bowdon

Great non-fiction book, very encouraging for young people who are too eager to achieve in life. The book argued that the secret ingredient of success is probably ‘time’.

Books I read before 2017 (34)

Books in bold are the books I enjoyed reading.

      • Persuasion–Jane Austen
      • Alice of Wonderland–Lewis Carol
      • Life of Pi–Yan Martel
      • The Road Home–Rose Tremain
      • Think and Grow Rich–Napoleon Hill
      • The Social Animal–Elliot Aronson
      • Only the Paranoid Survive–Andrew Grove
      • I Know why the Caged Bird Sings–Maya Angelou

      • Excellent Sheep–William Deresiewicz
      • The Book of Five Rings–Miyamoto Musashi
      • The Remains of the Day–Kazuo Ishiguro

      • The Making of Memory–Steven Rose
      • Northanger Abbey–Jane Austen
      • Jane Eyre–Charlotte Bronte

      • Wuthering Heights–Emily Bronte
      • The Count of Monte Cristo–Alexandre Dumas (one of my favorite books, full of passion and hatre, highly recommend)

      • The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling–Henry Fielding (a story of a man’s journey and growth)

      • Zorro–Isabel Allende
      • Magician’s Nephew–C. S. Lewis
      • Anna Karenina–Leo Tolstoy (such a powerful book, Tolstoy described human nature, the vulnerabilities. Loved it, but not a feel good book)

      • Sophie’s World–Jostein Gaarder (confusing…)
      • Eat, Pray, Love–Elizabeth Gilbert
      • Coco Chanel: the Legend and the Life–Justine Picardie

      • Trust Me I’m a Junior Doctor–Max Pemberton
      • Compassion and Self-Hate–Theodore Isaac Rubin ( when I was slightly confused with life, this book guided me)

      • Tenant of the Wildfell Hall–Anne Bronte
      • Of Mice and Men–John Steinback
      • Great Gatsby–Virginia Woolf
      • The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat–Oliver Sacks

    • The Da Vinci Code–Dan Brown
    • Pride and Prejudice–Jane Austen
    • How to Win Friends and Influence People–Dale Carnegie
    • Black Hole and Baby Universes–Stephen Hawking
    • River Out of Eden–Richard Dawkins