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Carrot Tops is now live, formerly known as the ‘Angry Foodie’.


Cotton x Bud—the stars of this blog

Cotton is a lop eared girl rabbit born on 30th December 2015. We fell in love with her at our first sight. Although having no plan in getting a pet whatsoever, we were hypnotised by her eyes, so we adopted her. She was such a nervous and skittish little bunny when she first arrived our home, due to her sad history that she was bullied by other rabbits. Now she is gaining confidence day-by-day and her personalities are shining through.

From May 2017, we adopted another rabbit Buddy, so Cotton would no longer be lonely. He is a cheeky little boy, bolder and more extroverted than Cotton. Buddy is about two months younger than Cotton, and full of energy. Although there was a little tiff between the two at the beginning of the bonding. Now, I can never see them separate.

Cotton and Buddy love each other so much, I often find them giving each other kisses.

instagram: @cottonxbud

Buddy’s Daddy

jialuprofileThe technical brain behind this website is my boyfriend, who really has a passion for programming and modern technology. He is a techie by day and a techie (+gamer) by night. Such a nerd as he is, the website is in fact hosted on Raspberry Pi (as of Jan 2017, Carrot Tops has moved to a cloud based host) and open source software. He is also the biggest fan of our blog, and said he would always read my posts no matter how bad they are. The website is built on WordPress platform designed for easy access by mobile and tablets. Some of the technological aspects are still a bit clunky, he is learning also, but if you have any questions at all on the IT side, feel free to ask, I will pass on the messages.

Cotton’s Mummy

IMG_20160916_233331The content is provided by me, now self-dubbed ‘Cotton’s mummy’. I do scientific research during the day and the blog is just an emotional outlet for me, a place to release my unfulfilled artistic zeal. The posts are by no means perfect, but they all flowed truly out of my heart. There may be a few spelling and grammatical errors, because English isn’t my mother tongue. Although having lived in London for six years now, my command of English may still not be as good as a native speaker. Hope you will enjoy the content nonetheless.

Instagram: @cottonsmummy


Cotton’s Aunty C

A new member of Carrot Tops. We first met collaborating on a project where she was making a documentary of Kunqu Opera. It was a great pleasure working with her. So we are both very glad to work together again. Aunty C is a very talented photographer and videographer, with distinctive artistic flare. I am confident that she will add much value to this blog.

“It’s a pleasure to work with Cotton. Cotton has become a superstar, so you can imagine how excited I was when her mummy invited me to become her aunty (contribute). I will try my best to take great photos and record all the memorable moments in her life. Lots of love to this cutie.”

If you would like to hire her for photography, videography, or would like her to collaborate on any projects. Feel free to get in touch. This is her first contribution to Carrot Tops click here.

Instagram: @chen_yannng

Short History of Carrot Tops

I was dubbed Angry Foodie by my boyfriend two years ago because my constant sarcastic criticisms towards all food and restaurants, and only a handful of places were to my satisfaction. Two years from then, I find myself much more content with everything and started seeing the glass half full and finally accepted that nothing is perfect, including myself. So I am no longer angry, I guess I found my inner Zen. Plus, the arrival of Cotton into our family has added more happiness and joy to my life. So, Angry Foodie is no longer appropriate or even relevant. Added with the recent event that the old website crashed, boyfriend and I decided to start fresh, and renamed the website ‘Carrot Tops’, a tribute to our bunny rabbit Cotton and also a metaphor that life is like a carrot, beautiful things are often hidden underground, so it’s up to you to dig and seek.

Theme of the blog

What is the theme of this blog, well, I am not even so sure myself. There are so many dimensions of a person, and I don’t want to limit to a single specific topic. So the content ranges from food to bunnies to art to Chinese culture to almost anything that takes my fancy.

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For the time being, any enquiries, please send emails to: [email protected]

We welcome emails from readers, potential collaborators, and sponsors.





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