A well-curated life

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Another year has gone passed, without a single word on the blog. During this year, I finally finished my PhD, although with great difficulties. As Carrot Tops is tucked away and put out of sight, my own startup was born. It was indeed a new chapter, but it was not without struggles. Because of the startup, I travelled several times to China, endured many uncomfortable flights, stayed at different hotels from the cheapest possible to the most luxurious. Where has my year gone?

The first half of 2020 has been particularly strange. Due to COVID-19, all the plans at the beginning of this year were thrown out of the window. All long-term goals are replaced by immediate actions. During the process, I have become somewhat of a headless chicken, adapting so frequently that I cannot even answer the question often asked by investors, ‘what’s your ultimate goal’.  No one really knows what the future beholds. It would be naive to think that after the lockdown is lifted, everything will be back to what it was before. History will probably be forever remembered as ‘pre-COVID’ and ‘post-COVID’. The truth is, I am paranoid. This is the first world crisis that I deeply experienced. To remain positive, I tell myself, “only the paranoid survive”.

Looking ahead. Well, that’s right. Even without certainty, I need to quickly put a plan together. I cannot change things around me, but I can adapt myself. There are things we cannot control, and there are things we can. Reflecting over it, the only thing I can definitely control is myself and my attitudes.

I examined my life and asked this question, “do I like the life I am currently leading.”

And the answer is “No”.

I have been longing for a well-curated lifestyle, to live to the fullest and to live life as art. I have not achieved that, then here is the plan:

  • Press the reset button
  • Start it over
  • Live the life that I have always wanted to live.

A well-curated life…