Taste of Anatolia: good food doesn’t need to look perfect

Hawksmoor at Shoreditch is having a soft launch until end of March. But because we were too slow, all the places were booked out. Sad face. Never mind, but we decided to eat out today anyway. We were planing on going to a nice restaurant, then we just walked into a fund raise food fair: Taste of Anatolia. 

Everything there was home made, from Shish

Kebaba to bakalava. Obviously, the food there did not look as good as ones from the restaurants, but for me there is something special about the homemade food, maybe it is because of those imperfections.

I am a big fan of supporting local community events, and Taste of Anatolia was one of them. Like I have mentioned, a good eating experience is not just about the food. It is also about the people, and stories behind if. It was a very noble thing these volunteers did, fund raise to improve children’s education. Here, I wish them best of luck and express my sincere thanks for the good food they have delivered. Lastly, I am now very tempted to visit Turkey.