Affirmation Statement

From this moment on I commit 100% to my personal development and every aspect of my life. I know all the obstacles and difficulties are only temporary, in fact they are essential for me to become a better person, the person I want to be.


  1. Health

From this moment, I commit to take care of myself, which starts from my health. I will do so by putting food with high nutritional value into my mouth (such as lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts). I will value more of the food quality, rather than the taste. Physical exercise is crucial for me to achieve good health. I will commit to at least 30 minutes of physical exercise every day. This may be hard, but any pain or discomfort are temporary. And when I finish with the physical exercise, I will become much more energised and refreshed.


  1. Looking and feeling my best

I commit to look and feel my best, without being vain. Being well dressed and clean are the basic politeness I should show to myself and the people around me. Believe that every day could be the date with destiny, and I want to look my best for that day. I will always feel my best, even when the situations are difficulty.


  1. Relationship

Family and friends are the most important things in my life. I will always make time for them, no matter how busy I would be. I will be  kind and sincere to the people around me, and love them unconditionally. I understand that the more values I add to the lives of others, the more I would be reciprocated. I will focus on adding as much value to others as possible.


  1. Financial freedom

Money is not inherently good or bad, but what you do with it determines its characters. From this moment on, I commit to gain a better understanding of my financial situation. There are no limits on how much money I can make, save and grow. I will read more financial books, such that one day I will reach my financial freedom. And I will always remember that I will do good, with the money and resource I have.


  1. Focus on my work

When I work, I will be 100% focused on the tasks at hand, and produce work to the highest standard I can do. It does not matter, if it is not perfect yet, but I understand, as long as I focus and put in the number of hours, the quality of my work will go up. Everything is a part of my personal growth. I also commit to do daily reading, so my knowledge will increase with time.


*This affirmation was inspired by Miracle Morning by Hal Erod and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleaon Hill

Affirmation statement is to be used to reprogram and refocus the thought patterns. It should be personal to the individuals. For it to work, you should remind yourself with the statement everyday, by reading it aloud. It is most effectively, when you write in such a way that the content is specific, achievable and realistic.