Cotton X Bud: a love story

Before I met you, I often spent a long time staring into empty space, pondering what life is all about. Life to me was just life: ordinary, boring and repetitive. Everyday was the same: eating, sleeping, jumping around. Maybe that was it, that was my life.

The whole room and everything in it were mine. I was somewhat content? Yet, a small part of me was missing. I wondered what and I wondered why.

The first time you entered into my life, I was nervous and uneasy. You put your little paws upon my shoulder, I flinched and retreated back into a corner. ‘Out, I said’, I didn’t want you intruding into my space. Maybe I have been alone for too long… In the following days, you kept coming up to me. I didn’t want you. I didn’t like you. In my plan of life, you were not in it.

Well, perhaps, I was just worried, scared and afraid. I was worried that you were here to take everything away from me, and you had a cunning plan to replace me. ‘Who are you?’ I often wondered.

We fought, we hurt each other, and argued. There were probably moments we wanted each other dead. For three months, we lived on tiptoes, claiming our territories around the room by rubbing our chins and marking with our scents.

Then, one day we had to take that horrible train journey. Oh, how much I hate public transport! They make me feel sick, yet I can’t even throw up. All those loud noises, weird smells. I absolutely hate it! Yet, when I turned around, you were there… With me…

Instinctively, I rested my head in your arms. You leaned onto me too. Yes, I felt it, you hated what I hate; we are not so different after all. Out of all the fear, disgust and stress, we found each other. Perhaps, it is not so bad sharing my world with you.

We have been through many rough patches and we both matured out of them. Depart from our childish ways, we learned to appreciate each other, to share and to care. Now, I am only glad you entered into my life, and my days no longer feel repetitive and boring. I enjoyed all those moments sharing breakfast with you, playing around with you, and sleeping next to you.

Perhaps, that void in my life was supposed to be filled.

By you.


Happy Valentine’s Day. The bonding process between Cotton and Buddy was horrible and tedious. There were moments, I really thought they will never love each other, and contemplated several times to give up. I sent Cotton and Bud to a so called ‘bonding camp’, where I sent them off for a week to be bonded by professionals. I was hoping the experts would resolve the differences between them. Yet, what I got was negligence, that there was a period Cotton and Bud were placed together under no supervision, which ended in severe injuries in Cotton caused by Bud. She had lacerations on her front paw, hind leg and left ear. I was guilt ridden and blamed myself for trusting the so called ‘experts’. I was very stressed that we might have to give Buddy up, but then I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. I didn’t want him to be without home. Then we decided to try the bonding one more time after Cotton got better, and this time we would do it ourselves, super slowly. It was a very testing period for me. Yet, I was proven once again that all I need was patience and faith. Now, Cotton and Bud are best friends. They follow each other around and groom each other. Cotton also looks much happier with a friend. I will write more about the whole bonding process. Meanwhile, show your love to your significant individual on this special day.