Christmas Outings

Time flies, we are at this time of the year again. Finally, I am getting a breather to check out all the Christmas markets. The Winter Wonderland at Hyde park is getting so crowded. So naturally, I am more attracted to the markets at Southbank and Leicester Square.

Leicester Square

This year, there are many sausages places. Since coming back from our trip around Europe, I have fallen in love with the German sausages. I was very glad the Christmas markets had the same sausages.

Cheese sausage

Pork sausage

If you fancy something sweet, perhaps a pancake with extra nutella.

Beautifully crafted bottles for olive oil and vinega


This year Southbank Christmas market had a cider lodge. Some mulled cider is perfect for the cold weather. Be sure to return the mugs after you are done, unless you want to part with your deposit.

Korean BBQ chicken

The Christmas market at Southbank is also conveniently located next to the Southbank Food market, we were very spoiled with food choices.

When dark, several fire pits were lit up, providing warmth.

Mulled wine

Lego Store

The lego store at Leicester Square was opened last year, but it is always packed with people and has a very long queue. This year, we are quite lucky that on the day of our visit, the queue was very short. So I finally get to see the legos. It is indeed a playground for both children and adults.