New Chapter, new question: Can style be learned?

Over the holiday season, I got to relax a little and caught up with some missed sleep. So as a consequence, my brain started working properly again and started asking questions. I watched several documentaries of various designers, not just for the pleasure of seeing intricate and beautiful pieces they had created, but I get to learn the amount of work went through to make those clothes and the journey a fashion designer went through. I felt the clothes they made are, in fact, a reflection of themselves, their memories, emotions and beliefs.

So if the clothes are a reflection of our inner selves. What and how I am being reflected? It turns out, I probably do not understand myself as much as I thought. Or perhaps, indeed, we are not supposed to understand ourselves fully, and that the whole purpose of life is the process of learning oneself. Then here is a simple question, what is my style and

“Are we born with a good sense of style, or it is something we can learn?”


All these are in fact part of self-awareness. I sought out to learn from people who are more in touch with the fashion and creative fields. So I met up with an aspiring fashion photographer the other day. Her background is fine art photography, and she is hoping to transition into the fashion photography. I asked humbly for her opinions and suggestions on my style. She simply and very directly told me, I just look plain, neither bad or good, that I do not look like someone working in art related fields at all, let alone fashion. Her comments didn’t offend me, in fact, I was very grateful for her honest comments. Finally, someone is not worried about hurting my feelings and gave me straight forward feedback. Then we discussed and agreed that to have a good sense of style is about having a good taste and an aesthetic eye, yet whether it is something everyone can develop is still up for debate.

For me fashion is like fine art, rather distant and intangible. Almost like, it is something, some realm I would not be able to reach. The fashion industry appears to have a sense of prestige, that somehow makes the outsiders like me feeling slightly intimidated. Only until recently, with the rise of democracy in media, and the phenomenon of influencers, I start questioning my own presumptions. Perhaps, the fashion industry is not so exclusive as I have previously thought.


If we try to learn piano, ballet, or trying to be good academically, we know we need to put in many hours of practice and hard work to master them, yet we seldom associate hard work and fashion or style sense. At least to me, at the back of my mind, I always have thought that you either have a sense of beauty or not. Then here is the problem, my mind gets restricted, so I don’t even try to learn more about fashion and style. In fact, not even the top designers are great at the beginning. Many of them went through a long incubation period, when nobody has heard of them. So perhaps, people like me, ordinary and ‘plain looking’ can also master fashion and styling, or at least improve upon our current state.

So, curiosities drove me to open up a new chapter in the blog: style, where I will experiment different aspects of fashion and design, and learn what is really there. I have always seen carrottops as a virtual space for my self-improvement, so it is only fitting that I get to experiment ‘style’ on this space too. After all, it is my creative outlet. I am not so sure what specific content I will put under this heading, but I know I want to make the content as beautiful as possible.