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If you haven’t read our previous post on Munich, then head over to Backpacking through Europe Part 9. Here we tell you the food you must try before leaving Munich.

1. Weisswurst (white sausage) with Pretzel

This is traditional Bavarian food, which is often served before noon, a perfect option for breakfast or brunch. The sausages usually do not have any preservatives and are white in appearance. They are typically served with sweet mustard, pretzel and a glass of beer. Yes, you read me right, in Germany it is normal to start drinking beer from morning. Perhaps we were not adventurous enough, we so just had coffee.

2. Bavarian sausage salad

This cold dish can be eaten as brunch or a snack. Sausages are thinly sliced and served with fresh salad and pickles, dressed with vinegar and oil.

3. Schnitzel

There are different types of schnitzel you can have. In short, a schnitzel is a pieced of tenderised meat, which can be chicken, turkey or pork, covered in batter and bread crumbs, and deep fired.

4. Roast chicken with bread (+pitcher of beer)

If you happen to visit Munich during their beer festival season, make sure you have the roast chicken. It was the best roast chicken I have ever tasted, well seasoned and very tender. It is typically served with bread. Why not add a pitcher of Paulaner to wash down the food?

5. Cake

By the afternoon, you will probably feel a bit peckish. If that’s the case, these gorgeous cakes would be your best friends. Head down to the local bakery and there will be quite a selection.

7. Schweinshaxe: pork knuckle

We would recommend this restaurant Wirtshaus Zum Straubinger. The food was nice, service was great and price was fair. Make sure you have the dish served with dumplings and sauerkraut. It was simply gorgeous. Highly recommend.

Whilst having your dinner, why not have a glass of their local beer. After all, Germany is famous for its beer.

8. Beef goulash and spaetzle

This is another dish you should have.  Spaetzle is a bit like pasta, made with flour and egg. It is soft, yet has a distinctive chewy texture. It is often served with other dishes, and beef goulash and spaetzle are a marriage made in heaven.

Here we conclude the list of food you MUST have in Munich. We ate all these between the two of us in one day. If you like the list, share it to your friends.