Synergy and Conflict: a journey through the art of glass

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Purely by chance, we walked into this glass art exhibition. It was just after our lunch at Flour & Grape. Mildly under the influence from the the glass of red, I walked into this small gallery: Peter Layton’s glass blowing. Beautiful, perfect, synergistic… Walking among the art works, at some point, I disappeared, became part of it.

Part of me echoed with the glass. I suppose this is what art gives you. Deep down, we all yearn for aesthetics. That’s probably the truest part of our brain and emotions, the love for beauty.

This is the ultimate synergy, resonance between the artist and the viewer, transcended through glass…


Where is the conflict? The conflict was from me, a conflict within myself. The love for art was awakened by the glass, what now for me? There are emotions within me, crying out to be presented in creative forms. Yet, I cannot even find the right words. After, I am a layman to the creative industry…

I want to express something, but I don’t even know what, and how. Sure, we can be optimistic and positive and say you don’t have to be a trained artist to create art to express yourself. Well, sure. But, without skills, how can anyone express anything in the form they intend? And here, I cannot even find the appropriate words to show how I felt.

This is the conflict, realising that one does not have the skills to express one’s inner emotions in a physical form…