Jingju Backstage, Sadler’s Well

This is the third time in a row, China National Beijing Opera Company came to London. I have been diligently following the shows throughout the three years, and have always considered the performances a treat for my birthday. This year again, I was very privileged to be at the backstage watching the operas, and this time in Sadler’s Well.

There is always something very magical about watching the opera backstage. Perhaps, it is the light. Or perhaps, I get to see the more complex side of preparation for the performance, where everything becomes more dynamic. It was as if, the actual performance is only the tip of the iceberg, and I had the chance to see the rest.

Everything to me here was art, fine art. There were numerous props and costumes backstage, yet everything somehow was in harmony with each other. Just like what my friend said, ‘order out of chaos’.

It was stunning, mesmorising and simply beautiful. I witnessed the work required to deliver this art form. I saw how everything was executed. Everything reflected back to me, making me examine whether my life is artful enough, whether I have been embracing life fully… Now, I am inspired to look inside me, to explore my inner artistic desires.