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Confession, I didn’t come up with this ‘creative title’. Here we conclude the last post on Germany, so we thought it would be nice to have a summary of all the sausages of this beautiful country. After all, it is a land of sausages.

1. Frankfurters in Frankfurt

These are small sausages smoked at low temperature. They are not cooked through, but only boiled in hot water for short period. They have distinctive smokey flavour, and often served with mustard and bread. Alternatively, you can have them in potato soup, just like how we did it.

2. Nünbergers in Nuremberg

These are small grilled sausages from Nuremberg, typically served with sauerkraut and bread, with a squirt of mustard. They have a sweet taste, and go perfectly with a glass of apple cider.

3. Bavarian sausages in Bavaria (Munich)

White sausages

The white sausages are specialties of Bavaria, served before noon. Be sure to eat the sausages with pretzel and sweet mustard. If you want to go completely local, add a pint of Paulaner. Yes, it’s never too early to drink beer in Germany.

Bavarian sausage salad

Thinly sliced cold sausage served with fresh seasonal salad, drizzled with vinegar and oil, this is the perfect light brunch for anyone.

4. Foot Long

We had these foot long sausages in Munich, rather impressive. Anyone visiting Germany should try these long sausages out.

5. Sausages for the road

Finally, some sausages for the road, as we left Germany for our next Destination, Salzburg, we packed some salami to consume on the train. 

What a trip! We stayed in Germany the longest during our backpacking adventure, and took the most out of all the sausages. Now, I am a fully converted sausage lover. I take back what I said, ‘they are just sausages’. Indeed, anyone who says ‘they are just sausages’ probably never had the proper ones.