Flour & Grape: simply pasta and wine

Here is a question that never gets old, ‘what are you doing for your birthday?’ Well, this year, it’s just some pasta and wine.

Flour & Grape

In the recent years, it seems South East London has gotten hip. Artisan restaurants, eateries and bars are popping up everywhere. Here, Chef Nick Crsipini, who previously owned Antico and worked under top Theo Randall of Park Lane, came to Bermondsey. Last week, they were doing a soft launch with 50% discount, so naturally we checked it out. Instead of going to Oxo Tower, we celebrated my birthday here.

I loved the decor immediately, although Mr only thought it as ‘ok’.

The menu was simple and straight forward. There’re only three sections: pre-past, pasta, and post-past, all carefully curated. Of course, let’s not forget their extensive wine list. Ok, Clos Maggiore still tops my list for having the best wine list, but F & G is not bad.


Bruschetta. The first ever bruschetta I have ever tasted was homemade from an Italian friend, so of course, my expectations are very high. The bruschetta here was not bad, although I would have preferred a little bit more garlic. I suppose not everyone wants to have breath strong enough to deter vampire, so they went easy on it. I loved it.

Some antipasti. I would say it was quite standard, the usual standard I expected.

The bread was beautiful.

I fancied a bottle of white that day, although red would have been better to go with our starters. We are not big wine drinkers, if you are going with more people, perhaps you can have one bottle each.


Fazzoletti, the handkerchief pasta, cooked with spinach and nutmeg.

This is my favourite. Mafaldine. It was cooked to perfection, with the right level of chewiness. The tiger prawns were so fresh, I recommend this to any seafood lovers.

I was not big fan of this, Pappardelle, but boyfriend seems to like this very much. Perhaps, I just don’t like the taste of beef, not anything wrong with the pasta.

Here is a close up of my favourite.


I would have loved some warm dessert. Unfortunately, all they had were cheese platters or gelati. I would have a scoop of ice cream only if the weather was warmer. So cheese it was.

So here is what I think of the place:

  • Food quality: 5 out 5, loved every moment of it.
  • Value for money: 5 out 5. Because of the soft launch, the bill was quite low for the amount of food we ordered. But even without the discount, the place is fairly priced.
  • Atmosphere: 4 out 5. I liked the decor, but boyfriend did not like the layout as much.
  • Service: 5 out 5. The waiters were very attentive, and not at all in your face.
  • Would I recommend to others? Absolutely yes. This is one of the few restaurants I would go again, even without a soft launch discount. Actually, boyfriend has already been there twice… Once without me.