Mid-autumn: a night of classic Chinese performing arts

Today marks the The Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a very special occasion in China, with its importance being just behind the Chinese New Year. During this period, people celebrate with their families, eat moon cakes, and appreciate the full moon at night.

on 27th September, in the name of Mid-Autumn Festival, the UK Han Culture Association  and UK China Performing Arts (UKCPA) collaborated with several London based Chinese artists,  and brought authentic oriental culture onto stage at London Hippodrome.

Hippodrome was first opened in 1900, initially used for circus performances and variety shows, and later on became a popular spot for comedies, musicals, jazz shows and burlesque shows. This time, Chinese performance art came onto this stage.

What an interesting combination! Classic Oriental culture meets Western glam!

Drum Solo

The night started with the lively and vivacious drum beats from the  genre-defying percussionist Beibei Wang, a talented young musician who has performed on numerous world stages, and collaborated with many renowned performers, including the multi-award composer/conductor Tan Dun.

Han Ceremony & Hanfu Show

What followed was the Han ceremony, where everyone wears Hanfu (a form of traditional  Chinese attires), and offers food and wine to heaven, earth and the moon.

Classic Chinese Dance

The Classic Chinese dances were the highlight of the night. They were choreographed by the founder of UK China Performing Arts, Joanna (Hangyu) Zhou, and performed by her talented students. Gentle, poetic music, along with the graceful movements painted an image that was utterly beautiful and mesmerising.

The Parade of the Beauties

The Jade dancer

Treading with the Song


I also played a part at this event with my friend, and long-term opera partner. Together, we brought the ancient Chinese opera, which dated back to 1600s, onto the Hippodrome stage.

Excerpt from The Peony Pavilion

It was to my great pleasure to watch and participate in this event. The organisers were brilliant in making sure that everything was in place and paid great attention to details.

Now, are you tempted in learning more about Chinese Classic Dance?

Well, UK Han Culture Association and UK China Performing Arts are bringing a new course. If you are interested, you can sign up the course via the meetup link:

Chinese Classic Dance Class

Saturday, Oct 14, 2017, 7:00 PM

Brunei Gallery, SOAS University
SOAS University of London, Thornhaugh St, Russell Square, London WC1H0XG London, GB

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UK Han Culture Association and UK China Performing Arts Chinese Classic Dance Class is Now Open for Registration!The UK Han Culture Association Dance Class pieces, Li Yi Zhi Bang (The Nation of Greatness and Courtesy) and Cai Wei have been widely performed at many events by us. Since last year, renowned dancer and performing artist Hangyu ZHOU (…

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*Photo credit: UK Han Chinese Culture, UK China Performing Arts, 水色, 墨辰,戴佳捷。

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