Backpacking through Europe Part 9: Munich

An Authentic Bavarian Experience

Dusk of Munich

A bit like London, in the evening, Munich comes to life.

Little Oktoberfest

We didn’t plan it, but by chance we came to Munich during their spring festival. So what is this spring festival? Well, think Oktoberfest, then shrink it.

This looks odd. There were not that many people there. It turned out, there were a lot of people, and they all gathered at the beer tents.

I always had the impression that German people are always very serious. After all, Germany is the country that produces world class technology and architecture. Surely, to produce products to such a high level, you would need a stiff upper lip. Yet, at the festival, everyone we met were very nice and relaxed, recommending us food to eat and beer to drink.

Roast Chicken

We were told by the locals that the roast chicken is the must have. It was indeed very good, the most succulent roast chicken I have ever tasted.

Of course, there was the beer. Forget about glasses, here is how you drink beer properly. But I have to admit, we shared the pitcher between the two of us. It was simply too big.

Hofbräuhaus am Platzl (Beer Hall)

If you happen to visit Munich NOT during their festival seasons. Don’t worry, the Munich Beer Hall is always there.

You can purchase your own pitchers.

Rabbit spotted again.

The Market

I saw white asparagus several times during our trip, it turns out people have an obsession with white asparagus in Germany. They are the same species as the green asparagus, only grown under a different condition.