Backpacking through Europe Part 8: Nuremburg

Nuremberg: a city full of history and colours

Nuremberg was not in the plan. Since I liked Frankfurt so much, boyfriend suggested Nuremberg as a detour, which is another city heavily influence by Franconian culture. Also, Nuremberg has a castle!

Somewhere along this Europe trip, it seems to became a tour of German cathedrals and churches. Nuremberg also has a church of gothic style, St. Lorenz.

Hospice of the Holy Spirit

Going up the castle

Panoramic view from top of the castle


This little street is probably one of the most colourful streets I have ever set my foot on. White Castle Street is full of beautiful medieval half-timbered houses. There are several restaurants and bars here, perfect for a bite to eat.


Remember to grab a gelato (or two) whilst you are there. 

Typical or not? We saw a German shepherd in Germany. They are my favourite breed. Boyfriend joked that I like them so much, I dyed my hair the same colour as their coat.

Other random things

Der Hase: a ‘strange looking’ sculpture of a rabbit, down the hill from the castle. It is certainly interesting, and I do appreciate the intricate details. But it does look rather grotesque. The rabbit looks dead, which is certainly not I would like to see. I much prefer having lively cute bunnies jumping about. 

Told you, I have become very good at spotting rabbits.

These fluffy toys were spotted outside a toyshop. I wonder whether we can join their tea party.

I get excited when I see vivid colours.


As it was a Saturday, we were very fortunate that we could join visit their market.

Just like Frankfurt has Frankfurters, Nuremberg has Numbergers (full name: Numberger Bratwurst). They are small grilled sausages, often served with bread. There is a hint of sweetness in the sausages, and they go perfectly with some mustard and sauerkraut.

The city is not very big. We explored the main attractions in just over four hours. I am so glad of this detour. Now we are gradually moving away from Franconian culture, but towards Bavarian territory*. Next stop, Munich, where we will be staying for two nights.


*Although geographically Nurember is a city of Northern Bavaria, it is heavily influenced by Franconian culture.