Backpacking through Europe Part 7: Frankfurt

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Frankfurt is the financial centre of Germany, if not, of Europe. It is the fifth largest German city, and the site of many global corporate head quarters. Well, many things happen in this city: book fair, trade show, stock exchange… In a way, it is like Canary Wharf, only many times bigger.

The Altstadt

Yet, the city centre of Frankfurt, known as the altstadt (literally means old district). It has architectures quite the contrary to those shiny sky scrappers often portrayed by the typical financial centres. When I saw the square, surrounded by the colourful buildings, I fell in love with Frankfurt immediately.

How cool is this. The door knock is in the shape of a pretzel. I guess, that makes the door handle resembling to a frankfurter sausage.

The City Hall: Römer

I have developed a great eye for spotting rabbits.

The buildings in Frankfurt are quite different in style compared to Cologne.

Frankfurter Würsten

Time to stop for food. Obviously, we chose to have frankfurter sausages. The weather was quite chilly, although a lot milder than our previous stop. We had some Kartoffelsuppe  mit Frankfurter Würsten, which means potato soup with frankfurters. 

The soup was simply delicious. Half way through our food break, a couple of musicians stopped by, playing in the square, so a bit of entertainment for us.

A violinist playing music in Frankfurt

Bird view from St Bartholomew’s cathedral

Same as Cologne, Frankfurt also has a ‘Dom’, known as the St Bartholomew’s cathedral. Of course, after seeing the Cologne cathedral, this one is not as impressive. However, we really appreciated the beautiful colours and interior design. As Frankfurt cathedral is smaller, reparation was more complete. Also, visitors are allowed to go up to the tower, so we were able to see the whole city up high.

Main River

Here, we see more modern buildings and sky scrapper, a huge contrast to the main city centre.

Main River

Officially, Frankfurt is called Frankfurt am Main, which means Frankfurt on the Main River. Connecting two parts of districts is a pedestrian bridge, Eiserner Steg.

Several locks on the Main bridge

The iron bridge is full of padlocks. Although colourful and beautiful, I do wonder whether these padlocks would be a problem for the bridge.

We have an inability to say ‘no’ to food. When we saw the this restaurant boat, we could move no further, so we got our hands on some tasty fish kebab.

The weather was so fine that day, we just sat on the bank, chilling out. Life felt ever so wonderful at that moment. I really liked Frankfurt. This city has the historical part, which is full of colours. And, it has the modern part. As we were sitting down, we saw many young professionals relaxing on the lawn as well, with their kebab or a bottle of beer. I can really imagine myself living there. Boyfriend and I joked, perhaps we can move to Frankfurt for a while. Then I guess, I need to learn to speak German first.