Asian Food of The Hague

Indonesian Food: Istana

Indonesia was once the largest Dutch colony, and therefore, has significant cultural influence on the Netherlands. This influence extends to food.Drawing similarities to the UK again, Indonesian cuisine to the Netherlands is like Indian food to the UK. There were many Indonesian restaurants in The Hague, probably more than European restaurants. So we were spoilt for choices.

Indonesian food of the Hague

Indonesian food of The Hague

We visited the Indonesian restaurant Istana, located in the city centre. The food was very nice, and perfect for the cold weather at the time. I do recommend this restaurant. However, do explore in your own time too. There are simply Indonesian restaurants in every corner. It was the first time I have ever tasted Indonesian food, now I am rather inspired to visit Indonesia.


Japanese Food All-You-Can-Eat: Shibuya

To a lesser extent, Japanese culture also sheds some cultural influence on the Netherlands. There are numerous Japanese expatriates there. During our stay in The Hague, we visited a local Japanese restaurant, which was my boyfriend’s idea as he became so enthused by the words ‘all-you-can-eat’. I haven’t had good experience with Japanese buffet restaurants in the UK before, so I was rather skeptical about this place. But this restaurant was great.

The food was served in small portions, the perfect size to have a taste of everything.

Japanese food of The Hague

Japanese buffet in The Hague

Japanese Food in The Hague

Japanese food in the Hague

A place well chosen. It was great to pig-out, especially in preparation for our long backpacking journey ahead.

Rabbit spotted! It seems like the restaurant also shares my interest towards rabbits.