Written by Cotton’s Daddy.

Bruges has always been a place I really wanted to go, due it being a UNESCO world heritage site and the amazing photos that I’ve seen. However, as this being the first leg of our journey, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Walking down the cobbled streets and looking at the river running through the town reminds me of¬†rural England.

Going further into the city centre reveals the beautiful architecture Bruges has to offer, really showing the wealth of the city and its heritage. No wonder why Bruges has been known as “Venice of the North”.¬†Although you may want to call Venice “Bruges of the South”.


What Bruges has that Venice doesn’t though is the world renowned Belgium beer and Chocolate, which you can find plenty of. I can certainly see this city as a place for artsy people as there are plenty of crafts shops and art galleries.

It is really a shame that we are unable to stay in Bruges longer as the city felt like it had more to offer than just 1 day, we will definitely be back in the near future!

Backpacking through Europe Part 1: Bruges