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Now onto our second stop of the backpacking trip, the capital of Europe: Brussels!

Brussels was very quiet compared to Bruges, perhaps, because of the Easter holiday weekend.

To summarise Brussels: impressive architecture, but underwhelming ‘pissing boy’, known as the Manneken Pis

I was taught about the little boy in primary school; the boy saved the whole village by urinating on explosives, becoming the national hero of Belgium. Sure, there are many versions of the story. In my mind, the statue is the symbol of Belgium.

Many people aggregated in front of this bronze statue. I was very excited, but only to find it was not how I imagined. The statue was much smaller than I anticipated… Oh well, at least I now have seen it and taken a photo of it.

Slight disappointment aside, an interesting thing for the bronze statue: the little boy gets dressed in various styles of clothes, which are carefully curated by friends of Manneken Pis . These clothes are rather cute.

I do recommend you visit the statue. One cannot claim to have visited Brussels without seeing the statue. It is simply too iconic.

Now, onto the architecture.

The Musical Instrument Museum

St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral

Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg

Aside from the small statue, I was very impressed by the amazing architecture of Brussels.

The Trumphal Arch

The streets of Brussels are lined with tram tracks. Although I did not like the wires hanging in the midair, the transport arrangement did add characters to the city, making it look quite different from London.

Royal Palace of Brussels

The most impressive had to be the Grand Place (Grote Markt)

Located at the centre of Brussels, possibly the most popular tourist landmark of the city. We came from a side street and only saw a single peak of the architecture complex at the beginning, but soon became astonished by the square upon seeing the whole thing. It was so beautiful and majestic, no wonder it is a UNESCO world heritage site!

Not just serious architecture designs, but some fun stuff too.

Everyone knows about The Adventures of Tintin, but how many people know that the book was penned by a Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who went by the name of Hergé?


There are several comic murals across Brussels, great for a walking tour. Do let us know how many you have spotted if you have gone to Brussels.

Graffiti Art 

Mont des Arts (mount of the arts)

Couple of street musicians sharing their passion and talent again the beautiful backdrop. The Grand place is clearly visible

The journey has just began

The weather was great in Brussels, sunny majority of the time when we were there. I was impressed by the architecture. So glad we took this trip. Upwards and onwards, continuing on our journey.

And finally, here is a photo of a rabbit in Brussels. Let’s not forget, we went during Easter, so there were rabbits everywhere. So cute. Since Belgium is the hub of chocolate, it was the perfect place to  be for the Easter Weekends.

Cap: New Era | Shoes: Aldo Talin | Jumper: Forever 21 |Bomber jacket: H&M | Black jeans: Levis