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I like setting some context for my food posts. My memory of Korean barbecue goes years ago, when I was still in China. My hometown is very close to Korea geographically, so Korean cuisine was never a stranger to me. It was quite the norm to go out with my parents for Korean barbecue. The grilled sweet potatoes were my favourites. The good old time…


My childhood was filled with things Korean. I watched Korean dramas too: the girls always looked great, hopelessly in love. They are the damsels in stress  and would somehow always end up dying from some incurable diseases, most likely cancer. Then the guys were the prince charming, perfect in every aspect, always protecting the girls. Thinking about it, it was rather amusing. I don’t watch Korean dramas anymore. Hopefully, the storylines have gotten better over the years.


Anyway, let’s come back to the food. There are quite a few Korean BBQ places around London, Superstar BBQ was by far the cleanest one with the nicest decor. The restaurant is well ventilated to prevent the build up of smoke.


Too many choices on the menu  could be a problem, so a lazy approach for us: order a set menu.

Korean savoury pancake

KFC–>KOREAN fried chicken. Highly recommend.


One key characteristics of Korean cuisine is the side dishes. They are small dishes such as pickled radish, blanched spinach, beansprouts, and let’s not forget kimchi as well.


Korean BBQ is a mixture of meat and vegetables. Some meat has been marinated in Bulgogi sauce. A rule of thumb, non-marinated meat should be cooked on the grill first, followed by the marinated ones.

The grilled meat can be eaten on top of rice. Alternatively, it can be wrapped in pancake or lettuce. In the UK, wrapping in lettuce is a common practice. Add some spring onion and sauce, then you are good to go.


Although Korean BBQ is not very greasy, unlike the ordinary BBQ, it was still good to have some fruit and sweet tea in the end to freshen up the palate.

Would I recommend this place. Yes! It was a nice little place, great for a small intimate party. A word of caution, the place is usually quite busy, so do reserve before hand. Also, although the place is quite clean, there would still be some smoke which would make your clothes smell like food.



SuperStar BBQ: sizzling Korean
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