Ideal Home Show & Eat and Drink Festival

This is the first time I went to the Ideal Home Show. It took place between 24th March and 9th April, in Kensington Olympia. This is the third time I attended a show in Olympia, yet this time is by far the most enjoyable one for me, because the exhibition not only included furnitures, different products and demonstrations, but also food. Ok, I plead guilty, whenever there is food, I am happy. So let’s start with the food.


As part of the Ideal Home Show, guests also gain free entrance to the Food and Drink Festival. It is one of the newest foodies’ events in London. It was on the top floor of the exhibition centre, and consisted of street food, artisan drinks, live demonstrations, and music.

There were so many options, but only one of me. After walking around different stalls several times, I had the crab meat brioche with chips. £10. Not the cheapest option, but definitely worth it.

These German sausages were great. I was so tempted to purchase a few, then I remembered that I will be travelling to Germany soon, so gave it a pass.

They had a variety of food choices, cuisines from all across the globe. Whether you fancy some authentic sushi, or Lebanese, there were options for everyone. There were also many drink counters.


Everything Else

Well, by everything else, I mean the whole show. The first home show I have been to, was the Grand Designs Live (the photos from that show were really good really, will post them in the future), in the Excel Centre. It was the first ever trade show I attended, and it was there we bought our solid oak dinning table. We are so pleased with the table, now planning to purchase a coffee table from them as well. The company is called Oakita. If you are interested in getting solid oak furnitures, check them out.  

There were different sections in the exhibition: kitchen, bathroom, living space, garden… My favourite part has always been the gardening section. I sat down for the flower arrangement demonstration. The lady was making a statement that we should purchase flowers of the season. Firstly, because the price would be cheaper. Secondly, the flowers would look more vibrant and not stressed out.

There were also performance stages arranged across the exhibition. These three boys were quite good. Who knows, maybe they will be the next One Direction.


This bit should really belong to the food section, but it was the final stop of my day trip. After all the walking, it was quite appropriate to chill over a glass of pink.

Rosé Facts

Lastly, some rosé facts for your to read.

Final Words

The exhibition is family friendly, a great outing for anyone. There are always many traders in events like this, and all the traders are very good salesmen. You may be tempted to buy the products, but think over carefully. Ask them many questions, get information leaflets and brochures. Some seller are great, and some could be a little bit sly. If they tell you something that sounds too good to be true, then it is probably not. Some sellers claim to be very authoritative and scientific, then it is your responsibility to do some research.