Homeslice Pizza at Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard is easily missed if you are not familiar with London. Yet, it is a place where all hipsters gather, at least I assume.

Upon arriving at the junction, it seems the street is going to end there, yet when you walk in, suddenly there is a whole space of colours.

Homeslice: wood fired pizza

My dear friend (aka my opera partner) and I are both going to travel abroad. I would be backpacking through Europe and she will be  in China. so we decided to have a little gathering before we go onto our respective holidays. The pizza place opens at 12pm, but if you choose to go any later than that, I am afraid you would have to sit outside. We were there at 11:45, just to be sure. Yet, it was already packed with people.

The pizza was simply huge. You have the options to choose two toppings, perfect for sharing. Or if you have a big appetite, then you can keep the whole pizza all by yourself.

Neal’s Yard is not their only branch. They have one in Shoreditch and one in Fitzrovia. Its Shoreditch branch is very popular with the techies around the area. Boyfriend went to a tech meet up before, and was served free Homeslice pizza. I was so jealous. Now, there is every incentive for me to join the tech community too.

Post to follow: Hair by Fairy….