Hair by Fairy: I have gone Blonde (Neal’s Yard Part 2)

Warning: long article…

What? Am I being serious? Not completely blonde, I just had an ombre. Well, dip dye has always been on my bucket list. Yet, I always said no, as I just thought the look probably wouldn’t look very professional for what I do. A spur of moment, I decided to have my hair dyed in the Hair by Fairies. It was quite a risky move, could turn out to be horribly wrong.


When I arrived home. My boyfriend looked so shocked, and the first thing that came out his mouth was, ‘are you breaking up with me?’. I was rather amused by the comment, he thought I was going through some personal crisis. Apparently, according to him, this is what people do, when they want a change.


Yes, work has been busy. I am at the final leg of my degree, requiring that bit of extra push. A bit stressed obviously, but definitely not going through a crisis. I just wanted to say that, “No”, people do not need to have a personal crisis to wanting to change their style. Besides, I have been brewing on this idea for a while. I just never found the right time.


I have learned over the years that it is fun to change. Time moves, we have to move with time. Life is short, if you really want to do something, why not. It is not like dying hair is permanent, you can always dye it back.

I have contemplated on getting a tattoo before. I have wanted one since I was 15. Yet, I always decide ‘no’ towards that, because I know once it is done, it is permanent. And I know myself well enough that I would get bored of it at some point.


We are all very dynamic, which is why our clothing styles change. One moment, I would love colour yellow, another moment, I would have wanted nothing to do with yellow. It is human nature. Of course, I know some people who are very settled with what they have. Good for them too, I am glad they know what they want and stick with it. For me, I want changes all the time.

One thing I seriously hate is that people stereotyping things. No, not all Asians are good at maths. And no, it is not true that if you like science, you can’t appreciate art. It is very easy to form a judgement about someone very quickly. I am guilty of that as well. Sometime, forming a quick judgement is useful, because it provides an initial idea on how we should react in a short period.


Nowadays, I try to develop the approach of always accepting people and things at the beginning. So everyone gets 100% from me, then the points get deducted from there. It makes me more accepting to people and things.



photo credit: my friend (aka opera partner and sister)

The other day, whilst I was working, waiting. I came across the article about the cheat sheet for reinvention. I found it quite amusing. So posted on the facebook. Then a dear friend asked whether I was planning to reinvent myself anytime soon. I said no, but truly in my opinion, we are reinventing ourselves every day. Every moment, a new self is born, and the old self fades away. It doesn’t feel like much change, but when you look like old photos, say from even two years ago, you realise how much you have changed. What we are today are a compilation of our past. So, yes, I dislike the word ‘reinventing’, it sounds like how much we hate the past and so desperate to get rid of it. Whereas in reality, we are the embodiment of the past glories and failures.


This year is a bit of a junction year again for me, I kind of need to work out which direction I want to go next. Whether to continue with ‘career’ or take a gap year. Gap years have a bit of a bad reputation, yet we often underestimate the benefits of the break. If I have never taken a gap months a few years ago, I would never have the things I have now. I put a list of things that I would not have if I hadn’t taken a gap. Well, it turns out everything I cherish now: my girls whom I grew very fond of; my rabbit, a very important part in my life; my opera; my blog… Also, I would not have gotten interested in technology, and looking at things beyond my traditional path.


Then, I realised that listing things out is just a waste of time. Stop regretting and just move on with my life.


And here is a photo of my new hair. A decent job I would say