Happy Easter: Egg Staining

This is the first time I made an effort for Easter, staining the eggs. Yes, it is not just an activity for children, adults enjoy it too. So, from this year onwards, decorating easter eggs will become a tradition for the Household of Cotton (wait, what? Cotton is the head of the household?)

As it was the first time for me staining the eggs, I went for the safe approach. I bought some powdered food colouring, and just added hot water.

Then the hard boiled eggs were placed in the water for 4 mins, until the eggs changed into the desired depth of colour.

How to make the perfect hard boiled egg: cover the eggs with cold water, then turn the hob onto medium. Switch off the hob once the water starts to boil. Then leave the eggs in the hot water for 6 mins. Try it, it would give you the perfect hard boiled eggs. Make sure it is exactly 6 minutes. Also, make sure the water covers the eggs.

Here is the first egg I stained. Resting the stained eggs on a egg cup or holder until dry.

Wipe a little bit of vegetable oil to make it shine

Here are my finished products.

Hide them around the house! Highly encourage you doing the same, much healthier than chocolate eggs.

Happy Easter!