Cotton is an Easter Rabbit

Here is a little secret, Cotton is in fact an Easter Rabbit!

During the Easter period, she judges who has been naughty and who has been good. Then she carries coloured Easter eggs in her little baskets, delivering them to the well behaved children.

Wait, hold on. Did I just mix the story up with Santa Claus…


1.Let’s go for an adventure into the forest (I painted the background drop, which is suppose to be a forest of human anatomical organs)

2. Meanwhile, start an Easter egg hunt. Collect them in a basket.

3. Beautiful eggs.

4. Ah! A friend. I like you, so I am going to chin you to claim you as mine. (Rabbits have scent glands on their chin. They would rub their chin on anything they like to claim as their properties)

5. Yes, these are my Easter Eggs. If you want them, you have to be nice.

6. Who are you? You look like me, except you have perky long ears.

7. Let’s be friends, I will share some eggs with you.

Well, Cotton being the Easter rabbit is not that far from the truth, but perhaps not the kind of rabbits that delivers chocolate eggs…

Many rabbits are bred to be born around January; when Easter comes around, they are at the perfect age to sell in shops (i.e 8 to 10 weeks). In that sense, they are indeed the Easter bunnies. Yet, many rabbits end up not being sold, or some rabbits get abandoned soon after Easter. Cotton was one of the rabbits not sold, the shop left over. It was quite sad. So, please be sensible about purchasing pets. They are not commodities. Don’t buy them just for a special occasion.

Happy Easter.