Wisdom from My Mother

My mum has always been a very strong person to me, my role model and inspiration. She is my parent, my mentor and my friend. Even with the worst things happening to me, she always lifts me up. Even when I lose faith in myself, she never loses faith in me. I talk to her nearly every day, and I am always amazed how much wisdom she has. This is what she said to me and I would like to share.

“You are now on your own, we cannot do much for you anymore, apart from being morally supportive and to be someone you talk to. You have to do things by yourself…”


“Have faith in yourself, even when other people lose faith in you”


“You can lose anything, but you cannot lose confidence and self-respect”


“Maintain your dignity, don’t let anyone destroy it and the only person who can protect your dignity is yourself”


“Do not idolise anyone, if you have to, idolise God or yourself”


“Be nice, but don’t let other people think you are stupid because you are nice”


“Feel grateful that  you have great qualities and talents, so utilise them. Do not waste them”


“Heaven (God) has great plans for you. Follow your fate without doubts”


“You have intelligence and talents, but you lack perseverance”


“All your anxiety, self-doubts and lack of confidence are from a weak mind. Toughen up!”


“Work hard”


“You only ever gave your 40%, now try 80%.”


“Don’t look back, whether the past was glorious or dim”


“Voice yourself, otherwise no one can hear”


“Stand up for yourself”


“Surround yourself with positive people”


“Learn from other people, and also help them”


“Listen more, speak less”


“Don’t think you are better than anyone else, just think you are no less than them”


“While the prospects are bright, but the journey often has twists and turns, tread carefully”


“Good Luck and take care”