A Girl and A Rabbit

Six months of blogging

Six months ago, I started this blog. Over this short period, I have gained things beyond monetary values. I have learned more about web development, digital marketing and content management. Then, there are things I would not have tried if I were not having this blog: I would not have gone to the Mozfest, which got me interested in learning more about technology, and I certainly would not have attended the London Pure trade show.

Cotton is definitely the inspiration of this blog. Without her joining our life, I would not have started this blog at all. Yet, it would be unfair to say the website is solely about Cotton. On several occasions, people have asked me what this blog is about. Food? Rabbit? Life? I have been asking the same question. Well, it turns out this blog is just a story of a girl and a rabbit.

Outfit: Muji

Makeup: Chanel Lift Lumiere (foundation), Sugarbomb blusher (Benefit),

A new member

Carrot Tops has achieved several milestones over the six months: changed from self-hosted website to a cloud based host, got approved by Google adsense and reached 300 followers on Instagram (@cotton_carrottops). My boyfriend (aka Cotton’s Daddy) and I are very proud of it. Now, I am quite excited to announce that we have a new member joining our blogging family: Cotton’s Aunty C. She would like her name to remain anonymous, so I dubbed her Aunty C. We first collaborated on a Chinese opera project last year. She was making a short documentary on Kunqu Opera which is a hobby of mine. We have enjoyed the working with each other very much, so when I asked her to contribute towards Carrot Tops, she said yes.

She is very talented and has an artistic eye. I have jokingly said that having her joining us is like ‘adding wings to a tiger 如虎添翼’, a phrase we commonly use to refer adding great value. All the above photos were taken by her. It was the first photography session where I was the model, so it was quite an interesting experience. It was Aunty C’s idea to feature the theme ‘a girl and a rabbit’, trying to portray casual day-to-day life. The idea is to show freshness and innocence of a sweet young girl. I was quite skeptical at the beginning, saying that being sweet is definitely not my style. Yet, it seems, a good photographer understands the subject more and can see the hidden side.  I was very impressed with final photos. I will be learning some photography skills from our new member too, and hopefully, we will be able to provide more beautiful pictures.


Lastly, thank you, for anyone who has visited Carrot Tops. We will continue trying our best to provide beautiful original content.