A Boy and A Rabbit

Just another ordinary morning…

Previously, we did a post on A Girl and A Rabbit, to show the relationship between Cotton and me. I thought it would only be fair if I also do a post on Cotton and my boyfriend. So this time, Cotton’s Daddy makes a very rare appearance. He enjoys maintaining a low profile, and preferred not to show up on my blog that often, but I thought these photos are too great not to be shared.

It was indeed just a very ordinary morning. Cotton happened to jump onto his bed, sniffing around. I would describe my boyfriend as a bit of a laddy lad,  sticking to his techno gadgets and pumping iron in the gym. I never thought he would be a rabbit person, simply because he doesn’t look that soft. Yet, he is totally bewitched by this little bun, feeding her out of his palm, teaching her new tricks. And he does squeal when Cotton accidentally nibs on him occasionally.

I found the interaction between these two very amusing and heart warming. See, there is always a soft side in anyone.