Pure London Fashion Trade Show: what’s out there

Pure London

With the London Fashion Week just around the corner (23rd to 26th Feb), Pure London hosted its own fashion gathering at the Kensington Olympia, where fashion buyers, sellers and influencers come together.  This year’s theme revolves around energy and vibrancy.

Pure London is one of the biggest fashion trade shows, taking place bi-annually, with this one for the Autumn/Winter season of 2017/2018, also known as the AW2017.

This trade show features a variety of products, ranging from women’s fashion, to accessories and Men’s. In addition, this year, Pure London added a section entirely devoted to athleisure.

At the trade show, we came across designers from all across the world, including emerging and already established brands. Around the show rooms, several stages present seminars, discussion forums and catwalks.

The Catwalks

What’s out there

This is the first fashion related event we have attended. My intention was to go beyond our existing knowledge and experience to see what else is out there. It was certainly a entirely different experience.  I have toyed with the idea of integrating online boutique with Carrot Tops for a while. Although not something we will do in the immediate future, we will wait until Carrot Tops becomes more mature. After all, it has only been less than six months since we established this site.

Majority of the traders were very friendly and helpful with our questions. Occasionally, there were a few traders who were rather rude, claiming to wanting to remain ‘exclusive’, and did sneer at my title of a ‘lifestyle blogger’. Then my questions were ‘how they intend to make sales, if they want to remain exclusive, especially when their products were not so good in quality?’

These not so pleasant experience aside, the show was a great opportunity for me to learn what else is out there. I am getting rather excited with what the future holds. If you happen to be free in the next couple of days, perhaps, you should pop down this show too. You never know, maybe that’s where your business enterprise starts.