First Time Away from Home

We had to send Cotton off for a couple of days. It was the first time Cotton was away from home. This was the information I sent to my friend, who kindly looked after our bunny. I thought it would be fun to share this info pack with you. Cotton had an awesome time with my friend and she behaved very well. We are very proud of you Cotton.

Patient information:


DOB: 30/12/2015

Weight: 2.3kg

Emergency situations:

  • Passing diarrhoea (i.e watery stool)
  • Head tilt

These are code red, and should contact the vets immediately, but unlikely to happen.

Feeding Instructions

  • Hay: should be available to Cotton all the time, and top up with some fresh hay every day.
  • Vegetables: two cups a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.


Good Vegetables Bad Vegetables
·      Celery

·      Green leaves: kales, broccoli

·      Pak choi

·      Bell pepper

·      Chinese cabbage

·      Avocado

·      Lettuce

·      Cucumber

·      Savoy Cabbage

·      Spinach

  • Pellets: Cotton loves pellets, you can offer 2 egg cupsful of pellets in total a day. You can feed the pellets one at a time from hand. She will love you and almost do anything you tell her too, including cleaning your room (or not).
  • Treats: Cotton can have small amount of treats a day, about half egg cupful: apples chopped into small pieces, berries, carrot.


Good treats Bad treats
·      Carrot

·      Orange

·      Blueberries

·      strawberries

·      chocolate

·      biscuit

·      flowers

·      tomato

  • Or one segment of orange

But Never ever chocolate, they turn into monsters.

Remember the Gremlins?

Cleaning Cotton

 Cotton will wash herself everyday, so she is fairly clean.  She does not need showers. If you smell her, she smells like hay.

Her cage, however, needs to be cleaned once every 2 to 3 days. Scoop out the old pee and poop stained sawdust and old hay. Replace with a thick layer of clean saw dust in the cage, a bit more around the back of the cage to absorb the urine.

The cage generally does not smell, as Cotton tends to cover up her own pee and poo.

Letting Cotton out of the cage

She will be completely fine staying in the cage, but will obviously be happier if she can do some free running.

Keep wires and expensive handbags, shoes, clothes out of the way. Cotton might chew on them. Your Stella McCartney bag could be no more.

Cotton might love running around the place so much, she doesn’t want to go back to the cage. If this happens, entice her with pellets, she will follow where the pellets are.

You can let her out for any length of period, but perhaps don’t let her have the free reign of your lovely flat.

Don’t worry, Cotton will not go to toilet on your lovely carpet, she is litter trained.

How to make Cotton love you?


  • Feed vegetables from hand, one leaf at a time
  • Feed her little treats from hand, one at a time
  • She loves pellets.
  • Bring yourself down to her level, so you don’t look as scary.


Once she gets used to you, start gently stroking her. Put your hand slowly to the side of her face first, so she knows you are there, then gently move your hand to the top of her head and gently rub it if she lets you. Never force it.

Once she gets used to you stroking her head, try rub the root of her ears. Then you can advance your hand to her back and rub her gently.

Cotton might be unsure at the beginning, but over time she will bond with you.

And if you hear her clicking her teeth as you stroke her, well, you done well. She is saying she loves you.

After you have gotten to know her better, she would be happy jumping on your laps.

Btw, she has a bit of foot fetish, will smell your feet often.

Here are some of the rabbit “erotic zones”:

Pink: very good, I love it (head and roots of ears)

Green: If I trust you, I will let you touch there (back and cheeks)

Red: No, get away from me. (feet and tail)

This is about everything really. Thank you so much. Hope you have an amazing holiday.

Anything call us,

Much love,

Cotton’s Mummy