Aldo Valentine’s Preview & Five Guys

Aldo Valentine’s Preview

It’s that time of the year again, so much love in the air…

We were invited to Aldo Valentine’s preview. I have always been in love with Aldo’s stylish shoes. In fact two of my favourite pairs were from there.

This year, Aldo introduces the Love to Love collection for the upcoming Valentine’s day, featuring the red lips on high heels, perfect for the special occasion. If this design is too daring for you, There are other colours to pick from, but seriously, aren’t they gorgeous.

As we browsed the shoes at this special VIP event, every now and then, some food and prosecco circulate around.

Shoes always go with bags. These two designs, with the strong colour and the delicate emboidery, caught my eyes. That hint of oriental flare was calling me to them.

If high heels are not your thing, these flats are chic and stylish, perfect for day-to-day wear, offering that casual yet professional look.

Cotton and Aldo Goody Bag

We enjoyed the evening very much and were given a goody bag at the end. For a moment, we thought it was a pair of shoes. In fact, it was a can of REAL maple syrup (real ones come in a can), some lip shape sweets, cleansing wipes and a gift card. We can make use of the box as well. It seems like Cotton has already taken over the box as her new toy.

I have always said, this girl loves fashion as much as I do. Here she is, too eager to see what’s in the box. These red lips certainly suit her very much.

And here is a message for my darling bunny.

Five Guys: happiness in a brown paper bag with no emotional strings attached

You know the drill, we go to events, then we eat. Such an irony that after a Valentine’s preview, I have gone to Five Guys, although not the conventional type of ‘guys’. Perhaps, in my little fantasy, I have wished to date five guys. Actually, probably not, can you imagine the troubles there would be dating them! I’d rather just eat, where I can be sure that I will end up being happy without any emotional baggage.

It was only after I look this photo, I realised that there are five guys…

Here is my complaint: the burger is simply too big. Although I asked for a ‘little burger’, I was still so full from it. Perhaps, Five Guys should introduce miniature burgers for people like me. On the bright side, there are 15 free toppings you can choose from: pickles, sauces, onion, mayo, pepper, mushroom… Their hot chili sauce is not so hot, so go and knock yourself out.

Bottomless soft drink, just at the press of a button away.

Here is my food. Again, I asked for a small  portion of chips, yet the portion is huge… Apparently their philosophy is when the cup is full, add another scoop. The chips were hand cut and cooked in peanut oil. Being very honest here, I enjoyed the chips more than the burger.

Here is another thing, there is no way you can eat elegantly at five guys. I ended up with the sauce dripping everywhere. Get tissue on standby when you dine there.

Thus concludes the evening of Valentine’s preview and food at Five Guys. The shoes are gorgeous, so get your guys (whether 5 of them or not) to treat you for those. If not, treat yourself this Valentine’s. Who needs guys anyway, when you can have shoes and good food?

  • Anonymous

    That looks like a soggy burger….

    • It may look a bit soggy, but it was some delicious juicy burger 🙂