2016–>2017: Highlights and New Goals

Time flies. Many things happened in 2016. It hasn’t been a great year for artists, with iconic figures sadly passed away. There has also been quite a bit of changes in the political climates. For me, 2016 has been a good year. I have achieved more or less the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. Now, here are some highlights of 2016 and new goals for 2017.


Highlights of 2016:

1. Passed my exams

That was probably the most important thing for me in 2016. It means I am able to progress into the next stage of my degree. The whole journey was not easy, but I have learned so much, not just academic knowledge but also more about myself.


2.Won a prize for the work I did.

Getting recognition towards the work we do is always a huge encouragement and confidence booster, especially at the time I started to doubt whether my work was significant at all. I was proud of it, and learned that sometime we just have to focus on what we do, rewards will come naturally afterwards.


3. Cotton joining our life

This is by far the most exciting and the scariest thing happened in 2016. I never had a rabbit as a pet before. The whole thing of becoming the bunny mummy was a completely new experience. Cotton is now a essential part of our family, and having Cotton has taught me patience and kindness. Story of how I became Cotton’s Mummy, click

New year

4. Taught by a professional Kunqu (a form of Chinese opera) actor and performed as a male character for the first time

I have been a Jingju and Kunqu enthusiast for a long time and performed roles from ladies, maids to royal consorts. Yet, all these roles are female characters. I have been longing for opportunities to play the male part*. After an intensive week of workshops from a professional Kunqu actor, my wish finally came true.

Kunqu Jingmeng

5. Watching Jingju at backstage of Peacock Theatre

It was a great experience, peeking through the stage curtains. So different from watching in the audience. For full post, click.


6. Launch of Carrot Tops

I almost gave up on the idea of blogging, since Angry Foodie crashed and I lost all my data. Thanks to the encouragement and support from boyfriend, and inspirations from Cotton, I have started blogging again, and gave it a face lift. To date, Carrot Tops has been around for three months. I enjoy writing blog posts and I am excited to embark on this self-development and self-discovery journey.



7. New bathroom and toilet

No need to say more, having anything new is always exciting. This is especially true as the bathroom we had was so outdated, run down and crying out for refurbishment.


8. Got to my ideal figure

Well, difficult to say what an ‘ideal figure’ is. As I now adopt a diet that is high in complex carbohydrate (e.g sweet potatoes) and protein, and limiting processed sugars, plus weekly exercise, I am much healthier and leaner than I used to be. The hard part is maintaining this way, so I need to keep at it.

Autumn delight

9. Turning 25

Getting to the ‘wrong side’ of twenties may sound scary. Actually, it is the right side. I feel grateful for being 25. I feel it is the best age, when I have the healthiest physical state and the right level of mental maturity. I definitely have grown a lot over the years. Nowadays, I stop being anxious or busy worrying about other people’s opinions, instead I am enjoying my life with boyfriend, my bunny, and a few close friends. I cannot be more grateful for what I have.


Goals of 2017

1. Finish the degree I am doing

Since I have passed the exams in 2016, the focus now is to finish the degree. This will be the biggest challenge I face this year, but I am ready to embrace it. It just means I need to plan my time better, reduce my commitments to other things. This is the top priority.


2. Save £3000

I am probably reaching the age to think about the future, so here is goodbye to excessive dinning-out and flat whites, and hello to packed lunch and home brewed coffees. This could be a challenge, but let’s see.

Stock photo

3. Exercise 3+2 a week

Three times of cardio exercise and twice of strength training, the recommended amount of exercise per week. This goal is an continuation of the 2016 Highlight No. 8.


4. Adopt a male rabbit to be friend with Cotton

Cotton is a grown lady now, I am sure she will appreciate having her own bunny friend, someone who understands lagomorph. We are planning to adopt a rabbit instead of buying one, as there are so many bunnies without a home. If you would like to have a rabbit as pet, I highly recommend you to adopt one. For every bunny being purchased, another bunny probably died without a loving home.

Cotton's friend

5. Travel to more than two places in 2017

There is already the plan of travelling to Spain, which I am super excited about. We were also thinking about going to an Asian country, either China or Cambodia. Any suggestions, come this way please, and here is a photo of Cambodia from a friend. Doesn’t it look good!


6. Pass Skate UK level 10

I had some ice skating lessons when I was a teenager, but only got up to Skate UK level 8. I have always meant to finish it. After skating with a friend at Luminocity, it rekindled my desire of completing it. so 2017 is the year. Ice skates have already been bought, lessons have been signed up, now I am ready to glide on ice again. Let’s see how much I remember.

Skate UK

7. Develop recipes for Carrot Tops.

After refurbishment of the bathroom, now it’s the kitchen. It will be redecorated soon. Imagine that, a brand new kitchen. More excuses for me to cook. I have always wanted to bring my homemade food recipes to this blog.

8. Able to play Jiaqingzhi (a famous Chinese opera piece) on flute.

This is for my Kunqu hobby. I will of course continue my learning and participation in this art, but now I am expanding it to a Kunqu instrument, known as Dizi (flute). It is a rather difficult instrument, so I only aim to be able to play one piece well.

Young lovers edition

9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15…: wild cards

One crucial thing I have learned that life is unpredictable. All the plans above are quite specific and realistic, as I am already doing them. Yet, I am waiting to see what life throws at me. Maybe 2017 will give me another surprise like how in 2016 we adopted Cotton. Or maybe, 2017 might not be so smooth. Who knows. Either way, I will try to appreciate whatever life gives me and be forever grateful and content with what I have.

So the last few goals of 2017 are mysteries to you as much as to me.