Doodle Your Stress Away

Previously, I wrote about ‘free writing’ as my emotional outlet. This time, I will talk about doodling.

Our attitudes towards emotions

Other people may always seems to be richer, happier and more successful. Well, the truth is, the things we see of other people are often very limited. In fact, everyone experiences ups and downs. Everyone would have experienced depressive episodes or anxious moments. It is like what has been suggested before: ‘depression’ is our shared secret. Humans are emotional animals, and no one can be happy all the time. It is only natural that we feel anger, sadness and despair. These emotions are the core that makes us human.

When we were children, we were free to express our emotions. We would laugh when happy, and cry when sad. As we grow, our parents and the society often led us to believe that we have to surpress our feelings, and to be always composed. So, instead of letting our emotions coming out, we often box ourselves up inside. Until, we get eaten away by the emotions from the inside out.

It is not how we prevent getting emotional, but how we cope with it

Stress, depression and anxiety are often seen as very negative things. So these things are often avoided topics. By doing so, we are in fact denying ourselves. So really, instead of avoiding them, we need to embrace them. We cannot prevent negative emotions developing, but we can learn to cope with them by finding an outlet.

Describe your emotions

There are several kinds of emotional outlets. Some people use sport, yet some others use intoxicating substances which often come with other devastating consequences. The one method I am proposing is ‘doodling’.

Remember the time, when you were a child, you would draw any random things. Well, why not do it again now?

Emotions are so complex, and sometime cannot be described in words. I often compare emotions to a painting. I can describe the painting to you in words, but you would never truly understand it until you look at it yourself. Even then, you might take a different interpretation.

For me, pictures represented more of my emotions than anything else. So I carry around an A5 notebook with me everywhere I go, doodle anything that comes to my mind.

My challenge to you

So, here is my challenge to you. Carry a small notebook that you can fit into your bag, and a pen (make sure it is of good quality). Whenever you have any negative emotions, why not doodle the things come to your mind. They can be anything, as random as you like. You can do this anywhere too, whether you are commuting, or being idle. The drawings are not suppose to be perfect, they suppose to represent your rawest thoughts and emotions. Try it, perhaps, you will discover a new side of yourself.

!!If you are experiencing depression, prolonged anxiety, and extreme stress, do not suffer in silence. Seek help. Mental health is as important as physical health. Contact your local GP.