Christmas at South of Thames: SC Food Market and Winter Market

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..”

Is it lovely to be Christmas again! All the food to eat, mulled wine to drink, and gifts to shop. It is one of my favourite time of the year, an excuse for me to treat myself and people around me. Yet, the best parts are the Christmas markets. Last time, we talked about Christmas market at Leicester Square, here we move slightly south to the other side of the river to explore SC Food market and Southbank Centre Winter Market, which are right next to the Royal Festival Hall. Oh, all those beautiful lights, mouth drooling food, heart warming winter beverage…

First Stop: SC Food Market


This is by far one of my favourite food corners, with the other one being the Hawker House Canada Water. The food market is conveniently situated next to the Royal Festival Hall, and has artisan street food from everywhere, be it Italian, Scottish, modern Japanese. It is much smaller in scale compare to the infamous Borough Market, but also less crowded.


Here we tasted freshly smoked salmon, which had the perfect texture and salt balance, nothing from the supermarket can compare. One bite, your fate is sealed, never again will you look back and grab that pack from the fridge self. The salmon was served on top of sourdough and cream cheese.


Now moving on to the Tortellinis. I tend to get quite skeptical on how non-Chinese ‘dumplings’ would taste. It turns out they were amazing. They are simply cheese and other accessory ingredients, but very rich in flavour and suitable for vegetarians too.

Wild mushroomsMushroom on toast

Continue with the ‘vegetarian’ theme, grilled wild mushroom was simply amazing and the freshly squeezed lemon juice brought out all the flavours.

Meat platter

A cured meat platter


Some olives

Katsu burgerKatsu currySweet potato chips

These are modern Japanese. You can choose between Katsu (breaded, deep fried chicken cutlet) in a bun, or simply Katsu Curry. If you are still hungry, or just simply greedy, why not also order a portion of sweet potato fries?

Scotch eggs

That’s right, we were still hungry, so we shared a Scotch Egg. Beautiful, isn’t it? The meat was so tender, and the egg yolks flowed out like lava. Sorry, my vegetarian friend, I wish they had vegetarian Scotch eggs.

This is about just enough, We were full and happy, but surely, we can top off the happiness with some sweets right? There were the cheese cakes, but we decided to forgo the cakes, and went straight to the Winter Market. Maybe next time.

cheese cake

Ta-Da! Winter Market!

Hot chestnuts

Shall we get chestnuts?


Or chocolate?

Waffle Meister

Neither, let’s get waffles from the Waffle Meister. It was heavenly, probably high in calorie too though…

Thunder beverage

Let’s wash down the food with some toffee flavoured spirit, and some mulled wine from the copper kettles.

Copper KettlesMulled wine

Chocolate fountain2Chocolate fountainChocolate fountain3

Then some fruits dipped in chocolate fountain. Well, so much food now, did our journey stop here, not quite, off we jumped onto the Merry-go-round.


Thus ended our exploration of food on the Southbank. It was wonderful to be a child again. Now, we were ready to go home and sleep off our food coma, or hit the gym to burn off the calorie. Such a great day out!

Little nuggets of advice

  • When going to food market such as this, it is better to go in a group so the food can be shared and you get a taste of everything.
  • Bring cash, these places often do not accept card payment
  • Having all these food was not as expensive as you might imagine. It costed us £20 per head, and as you can see we had so much food.
  • Bring your camera, photos of amazing food are too good to miss