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It is time of the year again. Outdoor rinks are all set up, so we better put our skates on and start sliding or falling…


A dear friend’s birthday. Happy birthday Aileen! Due to my schedule, I couldn’t attend her birthday dinner and activities, and as I have mentioned I do not enjoy going to a club anymore, so we decided to ice skate this Saturday morning at Luminocity situated in Canada Square, Canary Wharf. Best decision ever! I had so much fun.


It has been two years since I set a foot on ice. At one point I used to be able to do backwards crossover, followed by an outside edge slide on one leg. Nowadays, I would be lucky not to fall over.  The morning session was relatively quiet, so we slided casually whilst catching up on our girly gossip, although every now and then, we had to dodge some incoming skaters to avoid accidents. It did lack a bit of a festival feeling, but it doesn’t matter, we rather enjoyed the clear sky above our head. There were many lights on the ceiling, I can imagine it must be magical when it’s all dark. Perhaps, I will come back again to experience the that.


The ice rink was very well maintained. The ice was smooth, and the blades of the skates were very sharp. It is the first rink that appeared to be very clean and neat to me, without occasional wet patches on the floor. The staff were obviously very safety conscious, insisting on skaters not to bring bags onto the ice, even a small cross body bag. Just an hour on the ice  reminded me how much I miss ice skating. It felt brilliant. It has always been on my Bucket List to do an axel jump. Is it to late to learn? Am I too old to do it? Probably, but I should definitely give it a try. Better have tried and failed, than not have tried at all and live in regrets. Now, I am contemplating on signing up for some ice skating lessons. It would be a good exercise too.

ice skating


After the ice skating session, we went to a nearby cafe for some warm drinks. Carluccio’s was just around the corner, we popped by. I am forever in love with their almond croissants, which I often get at a different branch. Unfortunately, this Canary Wharf branch ran out of them. Instead, I just had a plain croissant with some butter and apricot jam. Initially, I did not think much of it and was rather displeased with the lack of almond croissants. Actually, the apricot jam was very good, nearly as good as the marmalade made by a friend’s aunt. So here it is, my new favourite: croissant with apricot jam.

Croissant with apricot jam


A cup of hot latte just what we need for this cold weather

Yet, our morning doesn’t just conclude here. At the Canary Wharf shopping mall we bumped into Peppa Pig! Isn’t this amazing. So cute, definitely lit up my morning. Now, I can feel the festival spirit…

Pippa pig at shopping mall

Pippa Pig

Little nuggets of advice

  • Things to bring for ice skating: gloves, thick long socks, perhaps a hat, a phone or camera for photos.
  • Things not to bring: sharp things such as keys, long scarves.
  • If you don’t know how to skate, start with your heels touch, feet in a shape of ‘V’, then try to make tiny steps.
  • If you are about to fall, bend your knees to lower the centre of gravity.
  • If you happen to fall, try to fall forward to prevent injuries to the head. Also try to clench your fists when falling, so your fingers won’t be accidentally cut off by nearby skaters.
  • Don’t deterred from ice skating, if you don’t succeed in skating the first. Have fun.

thank you

Photo credit: Aileen Gana