Happy Birthday Cotton: a letter to my bunny

Happy birthday Cotton, our darling bunny!

Cotton rabbit 8Cotton rabbit9Birthday cake

I still clearly remember the day I brought you home. I was as nervous as you were, unsure what to do. I didn’t even dare to touch you and you probably wanted nothing to do with me. You spent two whole days in the hide hole, only to come out for food when no one was around. You would flinch away from me as soon as I tried to stroke you, would thump your foot if any sound arises. You were so shy.

Cotton Rabbit 3Cotton Rabbit2

Bonding between you and me did not come naturally, and it certainly was not a smooth process. As someone who is always demanding and controlling, I wanted you to be affectionate towards me immediately. There were several occasions, I doubted that you would ever like me, and will remain to be aloof. Yet, time has shown that the only way to gain your love is patience.

Cotton rabbit 4Cotton rabbit 6

Now, 7 months since we adopted you, many things have happened. You have become so bold and confident. Your true characters are shining through: clever, cheeky and very affectionate; and all those cute little moments forever engrained into my memories: cute little binkies on my bed, walking on two paws, doing tricks, breaking my limited edition bowl, chewing through my Japanese maple I spent ages caring for… You have become an integral part of the family.

Cotton rabbit 5

I feel grateful for having you in our life. You have brought us so more joy and happiness and taught us to love unconditionally.

Love you forever,

From Mummy and Daddy. xx

Cotton rabbit 10