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Time of the year again. All Christmas lights are lit up. All trees are decorated. Turn your radio to full blast, all you hear are Christmas songs: “You better watch out, you better not cry…”

In London, there are several Christmas Markets around this time of the year. The most well-known one is the Winter Wonderland, but it is now way too crowded than it used to be. Even the Piccadilly line is experiencing delays due to so many people trying to get to Hyde Park Corner. I now have to consciously try to avoid the Piccadilly line when travelling within London. Then there is the Christmas Market at Southbank. I prefer this one more, purely because it is less crowded, and it situates at one of my favourite spots in London. Of course, there are other Christmas Markets dotted around, and even the Columbia Road Flower Market is putting on its festive decorations, but a word of warning, don’t even think you can just stroll into the flower market if you are not up early, unless you have a very strong pair of elbows.

Anyway, here, I am going to talk about Leicester Square Christmas Market, which just started this year, in partnership with Hilton. It is on a smaller scale in comparison to Winter Wonderland or Southbank, but it is nonetheless oozing with festivity. There are stalls ranging from food, Christmas gifts and winter apparel.

Leicester Square Christmas Market Leicester Square Christmas Market

Chocolate Art

Leicester Square Christmas Market

Christmas Decorations

Leicester Square Christmas Market Time for some sausages?


Or  pancakes

Leicester Square Christmas Market

Let’s catch a drop of golden sun

Leicester Square Christmas Market P1100300

More light

More decorations

Leicester Square Christmas market

I love these little hedgehogs and piglets, shame they don’t do any in a shape of a rabbit

Leicester Square Christmas market
Leicester Square Christmas market Leicester Square Christmas Market Leicester Square Christmas market Sweet stall in Leicester square Light Leicester Square Christmas Market