Chaos before Christmas, but luckily I have a little helper

Chaos before Christmas: presents to buy, cards to write, friends to meet, and on top of everything, trying to draw this year’s work to somewhat of a closure. Exhaustion is the word. All the sudden, Christmas is not something I really look forward to. Have I become Miss Scrooge? Deep breath, I try to calm down and stop stressing over these things. Luckily, I had a little helper to assist with gift wrapping. Well, I only hoped she did not leave teeth marks to all the gifts I have prepared! Your thought is hugely appreciated Cotton, but perhaps you should leave all the preparation to Mummy…

Cotton the little helper

Be careful, no teeth marks please!

Cotton the little helper

Now, Cotton is dragging the wrapping paper. Thank you, my little elf. 

Cotton the little helper

Cotton is checking all the presents are in order


This year, I have combined both the Christmas and birthday presents to Cotton’s Daddy. I prepared a box of assorted snacks, containing chocolate, peanuts and banana chips. All of them are his favourite. Hopefully, these snacks would last him beyond January. I bought the gift box from Paperchase, with the design of Peter Rabbit; very appropriate since both of us have become rabbit lovers. I received the same gift box from a friend for my birthday and I love it so much that I decided to buy one for Cotton’s Daddy too.

Peter Rabbit gift box from paperchase Christmas

Snack box Christmas present

Cotton’s Daddy is very much a Techie. I often mock him how much he is like a robot, so I got him a robot pop out card, which he can assemble to a 3D robot.

Gift box

Robot card

For friends and colleagues, I have chosen Ladurée and Mochi Kitchen. Ladurée is my all time favourite where I often go to their little cafe in Covent Garden for some macaroons by myself. As for Mochi Kitchen, I discovered the place when it first opened at Green Park in 2014. I fell in love with the place straight away with its finely decorated store and equally appealing treats, prompting me to make my first purchase of a red bean pancake. Now, in 2016, I am delighted again to find out Mochi Kitchen have opened a second branch near Charing Cross, somewhere closer to my work.

Laduree chocolate

Mochi Kitchen gift


And here we go again, Cotton was more enthusiastic about the gifts than me. Or is she having some secret plans? Nah, she is a good girl, just wants to offer a helping hand.

Cotton the little helper

Pushing the gifts together into a pile. 

Cotton the little helper

Phew, I would not be able to prepare everything without help from this little elf, but she did leave her teeth mark on one of the Mochi cakes. Oops, honest mistake. Never mind Cotton, you have meant to help. So, I kept that cake for myself to enjoy instead, so here ends all the chaos before Christmas. Now, I am ready for a relaxing holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!