This is a very much delayed post. The truth is blogging is a hobby and my main job is my scientific research. Recently, the lab side of my life has been busy, but it is in a quite productive and good way. For a while now, I have been struggling to get quality results or making any big progresses. Then I was happy to find out that my research was awarded a small prize. It is indeed an encouragement and motivation. It does also make me feel more positive about life overall, hence more positive about blogging.

Kensington roof gardens2

Here is my re-account of my friend’s birthday celebration at Kensington Roof Gardens, which also happened to be the Guy Fawkes night, 5th November. I have not been going to a club since my undergraduate years. Nowadays, instead of bobbing my head to some beats with double JD and coke in my hand, I much prefer a quiet dinner with a glass of quality wine. Maybe age has finally caught up with me. I rarely stay out past 9pm, and rarely sleeps past midnight (deadlines are the few exceptions).


When I received the invitation from my dear friend, may I dare say one of my closest friends, the decision process was like this:

‘Well, she is a great friend. The venue sounds neat and there will be firework, and it is not a ‘school day’, barbecue sounds promising. Fine, I will go.’

So here I was, dragging my mister with me to the party.

kensington roof gardens

It has been a while since I whipped out my hot pink dress, one of my favourites, but has only been worn a handful of times. I am sure the style and colour have fallen out of the latest fashion, but I like it, so who cares. Special cares always need to be taken when fitting into a bodycon dress. People can still be thin, yet still have a doughnut ring around the waist. If you are not careful, just a glass of coke can make the belly so bloated. Or you can use the waist spandex, but I am not a huge fan due to the discomfort.

I have heard a lot about Kensington Roof Gardens: owned by Virgin, set on the 7th floor, with the Modern British décor, and also the flamencos–hallmarks of the Roof Gardens. It was indeed a beautiful place, nicely packed together. Under the lamps, the décor and vegetation were glistening. It was quite romantic, but the cold air can often distract one from enjoying the scenery.

Kensington roof gardens

The gardens are divided into different sections. There is a small bar in the middle, looked after by a charming Italian bar tender wearing a thermal coat and leather jacket. He was a great conservationist, but I could tell he was still shivering under the jacket. Indeed, it was a very cold night.

The barbecue pit was wonderful. Besides producing that mouthwatering smell of bacon and beef burgers, it is also giving out an extra heat source. I did on several occasions attempting to huddle to the BBQ pit to steal some warmth, risking of ending up smelling like bacon.

BBQ pit


I would have appreciated the gardens a bit more, if the night wasn’t so cold.


Inside, there was a cosy little dance floor, and two bars are situated at either end of the club. Because we arrived early, the music was still slow, not something you would dance to, but it was fine for me, great opportunities to have conversations with my friends. There was a photo booth situated near the windows. It is in the shape of a red telephone box. The camera is placed on the ceiling, and the idea is that all your friends squeeze into the tightly spaced telephone box and changes poses every second. It was a great fun. I loved it, and took several with my friends, and here is one with my boyfriend. Well, he would still like to remain more private, so I respected his wishes by masking his face.

Kensington roof gardens

I really loved the whole night, however, I ended the night prematurely. Purely because I missed my bed. So we went home. Here you might ask, ‘what happened to the firework’. Well, I decided to give it a miss, as I was so sleepy I could hardly hold myself up straight.  So, sorry, no photos of the firework. It was a great night out, I kind of wish I went there back in my party days, then I would have stayed all night. Having said that, I am not so sure I would be able to afford it. The drinks are on the pricier side of the spectrum, definitely not catered for poor students. Anyway, I liked the gardens. I will probably come back, but for food and during the day instead.

Kensington roof gardens




Kensington Roof Gardens: a chilly Guy Fawkes Night
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