Habitat Day and How Much I Love Colours and Patterns


Serendipity has long been my favourite English word. Purely by chance, I happened to bump into a friend today, so we grabbed for a drink. Then purely by chance I walked into the Habitat Day Event, where I was served a glass of prosseco and there was DJ in the background.



Habitat is one of my favourite furniture brands. The products are on the more affordable end of the spectrum, and I love the style. It is one of the few brands that dares to use colours and patterns. I am an addict for colour and patterns. You can never go wrong with black, grey and white, but to me they can be boring sometime. The British weather is gloomy enough, why shouldn’t we make it better by having more colours?


I am a massive fan of their latest splatter patterns. They are beautiful, aren’t they. Habitat has always used vibrant colours and strong contrasts, yet the structural designs of the products are often simple and/or geometrical.



Here are some wonderful ideas for setting up Christmas dinner tables. Again, colours, colours, colours…




Well, I am not so sure what I can write about Habitat. I love the design and I totally agree with Habitat’s approach of colours. In fact, their show room on Tottenham Court Road is one of my favourite spots for hanging out. I never really felt like I was in a furniture shop, but more of a place of art. Some splashes of colours may appear random, but somehow they work. So, not more words from me, and I think you can just look at these beautiful pictures. The colours are just so vivid, aren’t they. This is how I want my place to be like, better start shopping.