Kat Von D: a makeup brand with attitude


It would not be overrating to hail her as the Queen of Tattoo. As I write this post now, I hesitate whether to tagline the post as ’embrace your inner Goth’, but then decided not to. If I only state Kat Von D as a iconic symbol of Goth, I couldn’t be more wrong. She is more than that, her artistic endeavours showed attitude and determination.

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Katherine Von Drachenberg (Kat Von D) is one of the most famous tattoo artists in America, and left her marks on numerous celebrities such Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. Saying that she inked half of Hollywood wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Going from tattoo to makeup artistry is an obvious route, as they share so many similarities artistically. After eight years, finally, Kat has launched her line of products in the UK, in collaboration with Debenhams, having today  to meet all the fans. People from all over the UK rushed to the event, queuing to see this artistic giant. There are even people especially flying from Germany just for the launch.

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Her line of makeup ranges from Studded Lipsticks to Contour powder, every bit reflecting inspirations from tattoo artistry. Even the makeup brushes are detailed with handles resembling tattoo guns. All products are with vibrant and eye catching colours: bright crimson, seductive violet,  gutsy orange, making such an impression one cannot forget. I tried out the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. Oh, yes, it is everlasting. Once it is dry, the lipstick stays there just like how tattoo ink sticking onto the skin.

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Finally, a makeup line that’s daring and audacious. It couldn’t be more appropriate for girls with strong hearts and minds,  unafraid of  anything.  Want an adventure with makeup, Kat Von D might just be the one.
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Interesting facts:

  • Kat Von D holds the Guinness World Record for giving the most tattoos within 24 hours.
  • She has published two books: High Voltage Tattoo, The Tattoo Chronicles

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