Boyfriend went to the Google Cloud Conference, and all I got was a “Cardboard Box”


‘What is this? Get it out of my sight’, seeing the rectangular cardboard box on top of the shoe cabinet, this is the first thing that came out of my mouth.

‘Oh, it’s for you. It is the google VR’.

I clumsily and suspiciously opened up the box, and unfolded it into the goggle shape.

‘There is nothing here, it doesn’t work…’

Oh dear, sometimes, I do feel sorry for my techie boyfriend who has such a technology retarded girlfriend. I did not know I was suppose to download an app on the smart phone, then insert the phone into the box. Never mind, I quickly lost my interest in this ‘boring’ little item. As having a perpetual habit of throwing things out and tidying things up, I was waiting to chuck this thing in the bin.


Two days later…

‘Baby, come and look’, boyfriend was looking into this plain box.

I reluctantly took the ‘box’ and looked into it. So what, I thought, it would only be like looking at an image with 3D glasses, something I used to do when was a child, but never found interesting.


My reactions:

‘Wow, this is amazing!’

‘Gosh, you can click and move forward into the mountains.’

‘I am planting trees.’

‘I am flying into the space’


I immediately fell in love with this little gadget. Totally ignored everything else, and started walking around the living room and tilting my head back and forth with the google VR cardboard on my face.

‘Watch out! Be careful not to kick the rabbit.’Boyfriend eventually took the google cardboard away from me, saying ‘I think you are having too much fun…’

That’s right, I was definitely having a lot of fun. This is the best gadget I have played with in a while! Gosh, I am so behind with the technology. Can you imagine the potential of VR? I always have dismissed it as something out of my circle of interest. Actually, the experience was amazing! I am just getting so excited what a good VR could bring, the potential of great games, classes and lessons we never need to attend pysically, we can even virtually meet our potential dates on tinder before we have to meet them in real life, also films…

‘Let’s get one.’ Says I to Cotton’s Daddy.

‘Um…  a proper VR is like £700.’

Well, I guess meanwhile, I just have to play with the google cardboard. Now I turn on the relaxation mode, and peacefully lying back on my sofa with the google cardboard still attached to my face…


The Google Cardboard is the more affordable option for experiencing VR, costing £15, if you fancy getting your hands on one of those, click here.