Savoy Grill: a birthday worth remembering

I like surprises, but boyfriend really can’t do one. He was so excited about the place. He made me guess, and as a result I guessed Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant on the first go. Never mind, he can keep on trying.

Savoy grill 2
Do you know on entering the Savoy Court , people have to drive on the right. It is the only road in the UK where this is the case. This is because traditionally, ladies sat behind the chauffeur, so upon arrival, it would allow the ladies to exist immediately and stylishly into the hotel. Interestingly, there was even an act issued by the parliament granting Savoy Hotel the permission of people driving on the right.

 I ordered veal, whereas the boyfriend chose mixed grill. I think I made a better choice. The veal was very succulent and tender. It came with a specially prepared sauce, which was light and complemented the veal very well.


Savoy grill 3
I was reminded how cruel it was to slaughter a baby cow so I can enjoy it on my dinner plate. So, sorry baby cow. I will only eat it on my birthday


Savoy grill 4
Savoy grill 5
Savoy grill 6
Where boyfriend has failed to surprise, Savoy Grill certainly surprised me. After the dessert, I was ready to go towatch a concert, but “Ta-Da”, the waiter brought in a small cake with a single candle on the top and “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate on the plate. They even prepared a little card. This is very thoughtful of them, 10 out of 10 for service.


Savoy grill 7