Plot Twist: How I became Cotton’s Mummy

This is a story of how I fell in love and a story of how I became a ‘mummy’ unexpectedly…


A step forward

Whilst the world is spinning steadily, we are rushing through life, which is why my blog was neglected. Last year this time, my boyfriend decided to sacrifice his cushy countryside lifestyle, swapping for an expensive and hectic life in London to be with me. Although I have always been a huge fan of London, and quoting Samuel Johnsons’ famous verse repetitively, my the other half does not share the same sentiment.

It was a big step we took, moving into a flat together. However finding an ideal one proved to be a huge challenge, rendering us basically homeless for three months last year. We took on a nomadic lifestyle moving from one Airbnb place to another. This tedious process had its own values, we often laughed how we will reminiscing this event in our old age and telling our kids, how we endured hardship, in front of a fireplace.

November last year, we finally got our slightly more permanent dwelling. It is a place to call our own, but the bathroom and toilet are in such a state comparable to one in the third world country. At least, we had a roof above our head. So I wasn’t complaining (at least not that much).

Good to start from ground zero, endless possibilities.

The following months were full of planning for redecoration, furniture shopping, furniture returning, and some DIY. At last, we got our brand new bathroom and toilet. Now, we don’t need to manually fill the toilet tank using bucket or washing ourselves with a hose that kept falling off.

Ok, my love story still hasn’t started, so keep reading.


How I met Cotton

After all the redecoration, we went to B&Q to return the excess tiles. As there is a pet store next door, we decided to take a peak to sooth our eyes with the bundle of fluffs.  Well, I guess it was all meant to be. The moment I set my eyes on this little bunny with beige/white fur and little black spots here and there, I fell hopelessly in love. Her gorgeous eyes, beautiful coat. “Nah, we would never get a pet, no one can look after it”, I said to myself.


We went home, but what followed was the agonizing few days and my constant moaning to my boyfriend, “I wish I can adopt that bunny”. Until, he got so fed up telling me, “if you really like something, go and get it!” That’s when things suddenly clicked, “why not”. We are in a stable situation, and I am a responsible person. I can look after the rabbit.

I visited the pet store several times again, to make sure I was not on an impulse, then finally brought her home. She was a shop floor leftover signed over to a charity for adoption, which means nobody wanted her, usually due to the rabbit’s temperament. Upon speaking to the shop assistant, I also learnt that she used to be bullied by other rabbits. All these unfortunate stories made me have more pity on her and even more determined to give her a home. So Cotton came to our life.


From a weary bunny to a brave soldier

Cotton’s name was originally Leah, which means “mistress” but can also mean “weary” and “tiredness”. Ah, no wonder she is so skittish, with such a name, she is doomed from the beginning. Obviously, my first task was to change her name. Initially, it was going to be “Basil” as that is the first piece of food she ate from my hand, but considering how soft she is, we settled with Cotton.

Her first day at her new home, she spent in her hide hole the whole day shivering, and wouldn’t eat anything. It took almost a month with us, for her to stop flinching every time we tried to stroke her. That’s when she realised that our hands mean food and she started enjoying being petted, giving off the rabbit way of purring—clicking her teeth.


Nowadays, she is just so used to us: joyously jumping about doing binkies which are a rabbit dance to show happiness, running around flat in high speed that she sometimes bumps into the wall, circling our feet, taking over our sofas, knocking over my pot plants… She also loves jumping into our laps, my bed, and anywhere she can reach.


Being a parent

“It is a girl…”

When we adopted Cotton, the adoption paper indicated “male”, so after calling “him” buddy for 2 weeks, we were informed by the vet when we took Cotton for “neutering” that Cotton is in fact a girl… That was the first moment I felt like parent, being told that your ‘child’ is not what you thought to be.

The days after that were just blissful. Well, I admit, there were moments I get angry with her: she knocked over my pineapple plant and ate it, all the leaves on my precious Japanese maple were gone one day; there would be days I put on a shirt and there were little holes she chewed through; she somehow managed to get my hidden chocolates* and made a mess of it….Endless number of occasions, but we started finding ironies and humour out of them all now.



Cotton opened up new things into my life, from her I learned to be patient. Her little cute face is now the most effective de-stressing thing after work. Doing meditation and yoga with her jumping about is now a daily routine. She is my lucky bunny that makes me calm.


Thinking about having a rabbit

Before you are tempted to have a pet rabbit, do think it through carefully. Buying a bunny is easy, but looking after one needs emotional investment as well as monetary ones, but once you have determined to commit, it could be one of the best things in your life. It is certainly mine.


*Please do NOT feed rabbits chocolate, they cannot be digested by rabbits.