Phuket: a place of Muai Thai, food and tamed tigers

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Written by Cotton’s Daddy


Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, positioned in the Southern province. It is a heaven for parties, but it is also a paradise for food. I signed up for two weeks of Muai Thai training and went on a solo journey. I got myself a little villa, away from my work in the UK, and my girlfriend. Nothing else but two weeks of blood, sweat and yummy food.


As it is an island, the best has to be the seafood. Everything was so fresh. The crabs were probably still alive just before they entered into the frying wok. Fried soft shell crab was my favourite, crispy on the outside, yet succulent on the inside. It is something you can never find anywhere in the UK.


During the day, I spent most of my time training Muay Thai. Occasionally, I went for a stroll on the beach, breathing the fresh air.  But it was the night, that everything truly came alive.


There were varieties of street food at the night market. Piles and piles of seafood cooked in different styles. Fresh  raw ones, grilled ones, boiled ones… You name it.


Throughout my journey in Phuket, Muai Thai, food, and visiting tigers were probably my only entertainments.


 Some guys might say that I have not taken the full benefit of what Thailand has to offer. Well, let’s put it this way. I am fed up with holidays where during the night I get drunk and during the day I just sleep off my hangover. Maybe I am getting old, or maybe I just finally learned how to enjoy life. You don’t need to have all the booze or the girls to have fun. Some quiet time, nice food and gentle exercise might be just right.


I feel like a tiger that has been tamed…