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We are the generation that grew up with Japanese culture, with Doraemon teaching us about friendship, Sailor Moon showing us that girls can be strong too, and of course there are the cute Pokemons. In fact, I loved the manga and anime so much, I aspired to be a manga artist when I was a child. When slightly older, the love for these cartoons remained as childhood memories. Yet, I started to appreciate the more traditional aspects of Japan: Chado (tea ceremony), Ikebana (flower arrangement), Zen Buddhism… The list goes on. Despite these traditional things, Japan never lost its touch to cuteness, or the ‘kawaiiness’.



It appears things from Japan are often made with great care and precision. I remember, when I visited Japan three years ago, how much I was impressed even by the wrappings of daily shopping items. Everything simply looked perfect. The makeup products too, Japanese brands such as Shiseido and Shu Uemura have remained to be my all time favourites. Japan is the magical and mystical country for me.


This year, I happened to walk into the Japan Matsuri (Japanese Festival) without prior plans. It took place in Trafalgar Square, with a centre stage for performances and various stalls for food and crafts. Obviously, there was fish sashimi, the national dish of Japan. Also, there was the Kobe beef. I first heard of Kobe beef from my father when I was a child, who told me that the cows were fed beer and massaged in order to obtain the best fat and lean ratio. I was fascinated by it.







Besides food stalls at Japan Matsuri, these fine china wares caught my eyes. They are made by Doki Japanese Tableware, with designs ranging from more traditional ones to the cute little animals. Well, it seems they certainly share a similar  fondness for rabbits. Everything was very cheap, a bowl would only cost £3.00. If you want to find out more about their items, click here. I will certainly be buying more from them, as Cotton has just broken a rice bowl at home.





Do you share the same interest for Japanese culture? There is the Hyper Japan event in November,