Chinatown Street Food

Life has been kind to me recently. Although everyday is packed with work, assignments, activities and trillions of things to do, I rather enjoy them. Besides, being busy often means I don’t have time to cook, so an excuse for me to eat out. I like Chinese food, and go to Chinatown quite often. The street food there has to be the best.

 Bun and skewer

Steamed bun+skewers (they took the skewers out). There are steamed buns with different fillings. Personally I like the vegetarian one but there are also pork and beef flavours. The skewers are Sichuan Style, a bit spicy. It comes with sesame paste and coriander. You can add extra chilli if you want 😉

Steamed bun


Another of my favourite is the Chinese pancake. It is traditionally made of green bean paste, unfortunately in Chinatown there is only plain flour option. If you want something authentic, I advise you going to Tianjin, the hometown of this type of pancake.


For the pancake, you can select different types of sauce: Hoi sin sauce, chilli sauce and so on. For the pancake, there are often fried dough sticks and a sheet of crisp wrapped inside. You can also choose to have a sausage. I always choose the traditional option which is the dough sticks. Chinese pickles can be added in the pancake for free, but you have to ask for it. Many non-Chinese speakers don’t know this, because the owner cheekily wrote the option in Chinese.

Pancake 2

And the best drink to go with the Chinese Street Food–Bubble Tea! I am a traditionalist, so I prefer the original flavour and taro for the bubble tea. If you are adventurous, try out different ones. You can also swap jelly for the tapioca pearls.

Bubble tea

This is a different way to enjoy China Town for you. So next time, instead of a sit-down meal, you might want to try out the street food. You can get more than enough food for under £10.